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    I like making the process of selecting your photographer as efficient as possible. So let me tell you a couple things about myself to help you decide whether I am the right photographer for you.

    For starters, I tend to shoot by myself. Why, you may ask? Other photographers have an assistant or a second shooter. For me and for every other photographer that I know - which is a lot - second photographers can be a lot of work to manage, to train properly, to direct, and they add a lot to your budget (whether it is spelled out for you or not). I work faster and cover more distance by myself, and then I pass the savings on to you.

    It may sound counter-intuitive, but many "assistants" are friends or spouses who are just starting out or are there just to lend a hand. In my experience, they slow me down and get in my way of capturing your wedding day.

    One common question that I am routinely asked is "how many pictures do I take?" and my answer is I typically take 1200 - 1500 images. I keep about 800 - 1000 to display on your wedding gallery. I do know photographers who take 2000 - 3000 images (usually with assistance), but it does tend to take more time out of your already busy day, and it costs more to edit your photos as well.

    My fundamental philosophy is this - I'm less concerned about having your album look like it's something that came out of a bridal magazine and more concerned about making sure that my images capture the essence of your wedding. I'm concerned about capturing you and your family and friends, their expressions - nerves - happiness - excitement. All of the moments that go into one of the biggest and happiest days of your lives.

    My second rule-of-thumb is this - weddings are formal, and everyone should be dressed accordingly. I have seen too many photographers wearing inappropriate clothing - blue jeans - boat shoes - brightly colored shirts, etc. I wear black clothing from top to bottom with a pressed button-down shirt. While my clothing choice won't affect the actual images, it will be less of a distraction to your guests.

    You are doing a lot of planning and decision making for your wedding and it is paramount to know if your photographer is a great fit for you. That is why I make myself available during the day or early evening, on week days and weekends. I want you to feel comfortable and confident that you have selected the right person for your wedding.

    I promise to make the photography portion of your wedding day enjoyable and complete. I look forward to hearing from you and I hope to have the opportunity to be your photographer.

    Please call or email me now, you'll be one more step closer to finalizing your plans!


    Andy Schneider

    Schaumburg, Illinois